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You should run Crim in August! They have an 8k and it’d be a good warm-up to the half =)

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Appa had a seizure and bit me during it. He didn’t break skin but there’s too much swelling around the contact points for me to use my right hand without pain right now. I called into work and took the day off.

I’m upset that his heart is this bad and that I’m now missing out on a long shift that would have been a lot of money, but I’m glad it was a seizure and not a heart attack and that he bit me instead of one of my parents.

Breakfast was three duck eggs with Gouda and cream cheese with bacon.

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- I signed up for another half marathon. It’s in Frankenmuth on October 4. This means I need to start getting up crazy early for training because you all know how much of a whiny piss baby I am about running in the heat.

- I’m real excited to see how my pace and time change compared to my first one, especially having that 8’45” pace on yesterday’s 5k run.

- I also signed up for the Run Wild 10k at the Detroit Zoo on September 14. Right now my goal is just sub-60 because I’m not sure how well my faster pace will translate to greater distance.

- I don’t remember if I’ve actually explicitly written about this yet, but a while ago my manager and MIT said if I agreed to stay at my store through the holidays (so until January), that they would promote me to floor leader. I ended up saying yes after our last staff meeting. So I’m staying in Michigan for at least four more months.

- I’m worried that I’m clinging onto moving back to Chicago because it’s familiar and safe and that I’m afraid of moving forward so I’m trying to fall back.

- I’m at a very weird place in life emotionally right now.

- I want so much more. In so many ways.

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do vegans not realize it’s literally impossible to consume only ethical products under capitalism

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Today I achieved my long term goal of running a sub-30 5k. Which I beat by nearly a minute per mile.

I’m a silly person and gauged how to dress off what the weather was like when I woke up at 7:30 and was in my shady backyard, rather than what it was like when I ran at ~9 in the shade less subdivision. Basically I wore crops and a long sleeved top and was absolutely melting.

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- Appa/coffee/MasterChef
- run 5k
- shower
- breakfast
- work 12-5
- IKEA with Chris. Not sure if it’ll actually happen considering I’m driving home from work during rush hour and IKEA closes at 9. Well. I guess it’ll work.
- dinner

Dat food. So keto. Plus coffee twice.

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